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MoneyBag 1.0.5

Manage your day to day finances with features like custom categories, charts and reports

Category: Finance
Price: Low
Popularity: Low
Version String: 1.0.5
Release Date: 2014-05-06
Architecture: i386
Minimum OS: macOS 10.6
Vendor Name: MacAppStudio Inc
Homepage: www.macappstudio.com

Version History 1.0.5



MoneyBag is the easiest way to manage your day to day finances. With customizable categories, intelligent reports, awesome charts and an amazing design, MoneyBag equips you to budget, track, review, analyze, set goals, get out of debt, save more.

Why you should use MoneyBag ?

Awesome, Simple and Intuitive
MoneyBag provides the simplest possible transaction entry system. You can get started with the app in 2 seconds and can enter a transaction within 5 seconds. It is that simple. Time is money so lets start saving some.

Simplified Budgeting
MoneyBag provides the ability to set a budget for a category and track how much you are spending on it in a continuos basis. It also alerts you when you reach 70% and 90% of the set budget for a category.

Start Saving today
You can create any number of MoneyBags with Savings type and add your monthly savings to it. MoneyBag not only helps you to track expenses but also motivates you to save continously and monitor the progress.

Set up an Emergency Fund
It is recommended that we save 6 months of our monthly income as an emergency fund to tide over uncertain situations like job loss, health issues or economic down turns. MoneyBag reminds you reach that. Just create a MoneyBag for emergency fund and start adding to it.

Highly Useful Reports & Charts
MoneyBag generates stunning and highly informative reports of various types for the user like quick overview, budget analysis, expense analysis, savings report and monthly report which help the user to understand the distribution of expenses as well as crucial spending and savings patterns.

Get Reminded
We all have missed payment deadlines and hence moneybag provides a simple reminder system which alerts the user on upcoming transactions. Just set a reminder option in the task options menu and forget it and MoneyBag will alert you when needed.

Quick Look Bar
Get a summary of your entire financial status for the month in a second using the Quick Look Bar which gives you a beautiful graphical distribution of your finances.

Flexible Budgeting
Budgets in real life are not rigid and undergo changes every month. For example when kids are home in holidays the fun and entertainment budget will shoot up. MoneyBag enables you to make your budgeting flexible for every month.

Quick Overview
MoneyBag provides a quick overview of the distribution of all transaction types along with the total amount allocated for each of them and the actual amounts that have been transaction till that date.

Add Bill Images
Add bill, receipt of other document images to the transaction using the web cam or select the picture from the system.

Auto and Manual Backup
Manually back up your data any time or configure an automatic back up of your data every 15 days to be stored in the same system.

Personalisation options
Add your picture and name to personalise the app to view your image and name in all the categories.

Achieve financial freedom
More than anything MoneyBag helps you take steps towards your financial freedom. Financial freedom is the ultimate aim of every individual and that is a state of ultimate happiness but the road is not easy. It needs a lot of hard work, planning and tracking. While we leave the hard work to you we help in planning and tracking of your journey towards Financial Freedom.

Create Custom Categories
We understand that no two users or families are the same across the world and hence MoneyBag provides the ability to create your own Categories, allocate budgets for them and the add transactions to them.

Clear Interface to Track Expenses
MoneyBag provides a clutter free intuitive interface to start tracking transactions ordered by categories which gives the users a clear understanding of the status.

Set Financial Goals
MoneyBag provides with an elegant opportunity to identify a goal and save an amount for it every month so that you can buy it by cash rather than credit. Add all your goals and dreams from the fancy car to the dream vacation and start putting aside some money for them. .

Notes, Tags and Locations
See all the transactions done in a particular location like 'Town Mall' or with a particular tag like 'Dresses'. Capture reference number or bill number using notes. Capture everything you know about a transaction seamlessly.

Seamless Cloud Sync
Sync your transaction data across multiple Macs using the power of Cloud Sync. With just a single click enable cloud sync in the app and take your data along with you anywhere.

Repeat Transactions
MoneyBag presents an easy and simple repeat transaction processing system. Set it up one time in the task options and forget it. MoneyBag will create all transactions with the given frequency for the configured time period.

Spending and Saving Patterns
MoneyBag consolidates all information that you enter and manipulate the date to present it in a simple and elegant chart like format for you to understand the areas in which you need to improve on.