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MusicHarbor 4.8.4

Follow your favorite artists closely and be the first to know about new music releases

Category: Music
Price: Free
Popularity: Medium
Version String: 4.8.4 (265)
Release Date: 2024-06-25
Architecture: Intel & AppleSilicon(ARM)
Minimum OS: macOS 12.0
Vendor Name: Marcos Antonio Tanaka
Homepage: marcosatanaka.com

Version History 4.8.4 (265)



** Featured on MacStories, 9to5Mac, iOS Today, AppleInsider & more! **

With MusicHarbor you can follow your favorite artists closely and be the first to know about new music releases, music videos, concerts and news.

'If you care about new music releases and staying on top of your favorite artists, you need MusicHarbor.'
– MacStories

'This is a great app for folks who are trying to find new music from their favorite artists.'
– iOS Today, TWiT

MusicHarbor is tightly integrated with iOS, and takes advantage of all of the device's capabilities and the latest Apple technologies. It already supports the newest iOS 14 features!


See all the albums from the artists you follow on a chronologically ordered timeline. You can also filter by types such as album, single, EP and remix.

Switch between the Released and Upcoming tab to see what's coming. There's three different Widgets for your Home Screen (iOS 14 required), so you can easily glance at the latest and upcoming albums.

Preview songs and, if you like them, add them to your music library or to a playlist right from within MusicHarbor.


Easily track concert dates for your favorite artists with custom, location-based filtering parameters.

Learn about the lineup, the venue location and even buy tickets directly on Songkick.


MusicHarbor integrates with Google News to search for the latest news from the artists you follow. So it's easier for you to be on top of everything that's happening with the artists you care about.


Choose from a multitude of options to make MusicHarbor your own. You can customize the information density, choose the app icon that best suits your Home Screen, hide releases of a specific type, and much, much more.


• Import artists from Apple Music, Spotify, your local music library, or add them manually
• Add new releases to your music library or to a playlist
• Add upcoming albums to your Calendar
• Three different widgets for your Home Screen (iOS 14 required)
• Create advanced shortcuts and automations using the Shortcuts app
• Track new music videos from the artists you follow
• Open albums directly in Apple Music, Spotify, and other music streaming services
• Light and dark mode
• iCloud sync
• Filter releases by type (album, single, ep, remix)
• Customize your feed's information density
• Choose between dozens of custom icons
• Find concerts using a miles/kilometers radius from your current location
• Read news about an artist right in Google News
• Redirect to read album reviews in specialized sources

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Privacy Policy: https://marcosatanaka.com/privacy/music-harbor.html