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Play 1.4.2

Bookmark YouTube videos to watch later

Category: Entertainment
Price: Low
Popularity: Medium
Version String: 1.4.2 (91)
Release Date: 2023-09-13
Architecture: Intel & AppleSilicon(ARM)
Minimum OS: macOS 12.0
Vendor Name: Marcos Antonio Tanaka
Homepage: marcosatanaka.com

Version History 1.4.2 (91)

Play 1.4.2 brings interactive widgets for macOS Sonoma and more:

New on macOS Sonoma
• Interactive Widgets: Edit a large or extra-large widget to customize and configure interactive Tags and Smart Searches.

Improvements and bug fixes
• Command-F now activates the search field.
• Added support for watching videos with Firefox Nightly.
• New ‘Add Video Manually’ shortcut action allows you to add videos manually by filling in all the required metadata.
• The Watched section now always sorts videos by the date watched attribute.
• Fixed an issue that caused Play to ignore the configured ‘Watch On’ parameter when viewing videos.
• Fixed an issue that caused some URLs to not be recognized when adding videos manually.


Play is the best way to bookmark YouTube videos to watch later.

Easily add videos by dragging and dropping them into the app. You can view your videos in a list, search, filter, sort, and organize them using tags. iCloud sync keeps your database up-to-date on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Start watching with one tap, from the app or from the Control Center, with some of Play's customisable widgets.


- Drag and drop a video URL into the app.
- You can also simply paste it to add.
- To easily get started, import a list of URLs at once.
- Use the Add Video action in the Shortcuts app to integrate Play into your automated workflows.


- Create and assign tags to videos.
- Filter your collection by tags, both in the app and on Control Center widgets.
- Sort, filter and search by multiple criteria.
- Perform bulk actions and organize multiple videos at once.
- Right-click a video to reveal quick actions in the context menu.
- iCloud automatically syncs your database to your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
- All Play features and data are available through the Shortcuts app, so you can create custom shortcuts and automate your workflow.


- Easily access your bookmarked videos from the Control Center.
- Tap a thumbnail to be redirected to the corresponding video in the YouTube app.
- Customize the widget's sort order, filtering options and tags to see a specific set of videos.
- Change the widget color to better match your setup.
- Easily search through your collection in the main app.

Play is a modern app, with support for the latest system features such as Control Center widgets, Shortcuts actions, iCloud sync and dark mode.

Play is also available on the iPhone and iPad, as a universal app. So you can enjoy it across iOS, iPadOS and macOS with a single purchase.