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Audirvana Origin 2.5.13

Manage and organize your local music library

Category: Music
Price: High
Popularity: Medium
Version String: 2.5.13 (20513)
Release Date: 2024-05-29
Architecture: Intel & AppleSilicon(ARM)
Minimum OS: macOS 10.13
Vendor Name: Audirvana
Homepage: audirvana.com

Version History 2.5.13 (20513)

You can find release notes for this version here: [audirvana.com]


A high-performance update of the original version of Audirvāna dedicated to managing and playing your local music library, without streaming service or radio.
The digital playback process is at the heart of Audirvāna’s proprietary technology. It prioritizes the music on your computer by minimizing processor activity during playback and always following the shortest possible software path to the audio output. Continuous improvements over the last 10 years ensure the best digital audio playback performance from a computer on both Mac and PC (with the new KERNEL STREAMING mode) and native compatibility with Apple Silicon and windows 11.