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Cakebrew 1.3

GUI app for Homebrew

Category: Developer Tools
Price: Free
Popularity: High
Version String: 1.3 (594)
Release Date: 2021-03-06
Architecture: Intel & AppleSilicon(ARM)
Minimum OS: macOS 11.3
Vendor Name: Bruno Philipe
Homepage: www.cakebrew.com

Version History 1.3 (594)



The Mac App for Homebrew.

Do most of the usual tasks you need of Homebrew. Including updating and finding problems with the Doctor!

Practical & Easy
Afraid to use the terminal? Cakebrew supports Homebrew/bundle. Export and import formulae easily!

Designed To Be Awesome

Community Aware
Cakebrew is open-source! Sweep through the code, fork, and improve it as you wish!

Easy to Use
Cakebrew was designed with the user in mind. No complicated interfaces!

What's Homebrew?
Homebrew is a package manager for OS X.
With Homebrew you can install thousands of command-line applications and libraries that would require manual compilation, which is not always very straight-forward.
Cakebrew brings this to a whole new level of simplicity. Install command-line tools from an App. Could it be easier?