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DEVONthink 3.9

Documents organizer and editor that automatically analyzes, connectes, and files them

Category: Productivity
Price: High
Popularity: High
Version String: 3.9
Release Date: 2023-02-09
Architecture: Intel & AppleSilicon(ARM)
Minimum OS: macOS 10.14
Vendor Name: Devon Technologies
Homepage: www.devontechnologies.com

Version History 3.9

Making connections between documents, including being able to move efficiently between passages, has become increasingly useful. DEVONthink 3.9 brings new deep linking via selection and annotation links for PDF documents. This also includes an extension to DEVONthink's URL scheme and improves document summaries and inserted quotes in annotations.
When doing a toolbar search, you can now exclude subgroups, as needed. For easier sharing, the Share menu is available in the contextual menu of the item list. A new Attachments inspector lists media or other attachments in document types like RTFD. We have moved the Properties inspector in with the Info inspectors, too, and for those using annotations, use the new Insert Summary command in the Annotations popup to add a summary of highlights, etc. to your annotation. Finally, if you're taking Markdown notes in the Sorter, you'll see it now supports WYSIWYG editing. We've also fixed many bugs, and as you've all come to expect, improved performance and reliability.
• Added Copy Selection Link to the contextual menu of PDF views, allowing for creating links directly to the selected text.
• Added Copy Annotation Link to the contextual menu of PDF views and the Document > Annotations inspector, allowing creation of deep links to specific PDF annotations.
• Added new item link URL parameters `start` and `length` to specify the range of selected text on a specified PDF page. Also use `annotation`, `x`, and `y` to specify the annotation type and origin of an annotation on a specified PDF page. Note that the `page` parameter is required.
• Added Exclude Subgroups option to the search scope bar of toolbar searches to temporarily toggle including results from subgroups in the current search scope.
• Added Share submenu to the contextual menu of the item list.
• Added Insert Summary command to the popup menu of the Annotations & Reminders: Annotations inspector to easily insert a summary of the document's highlights. Either a rich text or Markdown summary is inserted, depending on the format of the annotation.
• Added Document > Attachments inspector listing attachments in RTFD and email documents as well as images and multimedia in Markdown or web-based formats.
• Added hidden preference `UsePDFDocumentDates` to use the internal creation and modification dates instead of the file's creation and modification dates of an imported PDF.
• Added hidden preference `DisableRelativeDates` to always display absolute dates, e.g., `2022-12-26 08:30` instead of a relative date like `Today, 08:30` in the item list.
• Added hidden preference `RawOPMLImport` to import OPML files without converting them to groups, feeds, notes etc. This preference is disabled by default.
• Added optional `exclude subgroups` parameter to the AppleScript search command.
• Edit Markdown notes created via the Sorter > Take Note pane in WYSIWYG.
• View plain text documents as a locked Best Alternative (QuickLook) or editable Text Alternative view. These views are accessible via the Navigation bar buttons or the View > Document Display menu.
• Jump to a desired line in text-based formats via Go > To Line.
• When automatically naming Markdown documents, DEVONthink uses the `title` metadata, if available, or the first non-empty line, ideally the headline.
• The Markdown option in Preferences > Files > Thumbnails now also applies to TextBundles. Embedded images will also be used in the thumbnail generation.
• Improved parsing of MathJAX separators in Markdown documents. This also resolves some issues with WYSIWYG editing, WikiLinking, and transclusion.
• Inserting transclusions or images, via drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste, into Markdown documents now uses absolute database paths if the referenced item is in the same database but not in a subgroup of the Markdown document's parent group.
• When using the Insert Quote command in the popup of the Annotations & Reminders: Annotations inspector, the quotes are inserted as blockquotes when using a Markdown annotation.
• Tools > Summarize Highlights and the Insert Quote/Backlink commands in the Annotations & Reminders inspector both use deep links to the document's PDF annotations.
• Tools > Summarize Highlights, the Document > Annotations inspector, and the `summarize highlights of` AppleScript command now report struck-through and underlined text in rich text documents.
• Tools > Summarize Highlights > As Sheet also records the annotation type for all PDF annotations supported by DEVONthink.
• Summarizing web documents to Markdown is more consistent to summarizing other formats.
• The Document > Properties inspector pane can now be found in the Info inspector.
• The layout of the Comments and Annotations sections in Annotations & Reminders inspector is clearer.
• The Document > Annotations inspector no longer lists attachments and multimedia files in rich text and web documents. This is more consistent with what is displayed with PDF and Markdown documents.
• The Document > Annotations inspector sorts its items more naturally. In case of identical values, e.g., the kind, the position is now used.
• Articles from Mastodon feeds receive better automatic names.
• RSS feeds not having properly encoded URLs or encoded content are more reliably handled.
• Clipping dynamic web pages, e.g., from Medium produces better results.
• Clipping to HTML-based formats, e.g., webarchives, better strips consent banners.
• Importing `.enex` files now supports the revised date format used by Evernote on macOS Ventura.
• The Extension criterion of search, smart group, and smart rules includes all extensions used by any smart group or rule in the opened databases and Navigate sidebar.
• File > Export > Document copies the current file if the tab isn't modified instead of creating a fresh copy. This is consistent with the behavior of File > Export > Files & Folders.
• More compatible user agent of web views.
• Improved installation of add-ons.
• The hidden preference `WindowToolbarStyleExpanded` now displays the title bar when the toolbar is set to Icons Only.
• Updated some built-in scripts for compatibility with the current version of DEVONthink.
• The Sorter launches quicker.
• Improved overall performance and resource consumption.
Improved (Server)
• Markdown previews retain the scroll position after editing the document in the web sharing interface.
Improved (Sync)
• Preparing large document packages for uploading uses less resources.
• Less unnecessary logging.
• The toolbar didn't display correctly in Text Only mode on macOS Ventura. Fixed.
• Currently opened tabs could incorrectly be closed when the Automatically reveal items option in Preferences > Interface was enabled. Fixed.
• The Info > Custom and Info > Properties inspectors used a wrong background color in dark mode on macOS Ventura. Fixed.
• The Tools > Annotate menu used wrong icons. Fixed.
• Local smart groups, e.g., in databases, were not always expandable in the Navigate sidebar, even if there were matched groups or feeds to display. Fixed.
• Deleting the annotation document of an item directly and not via the Document > Annotations inspector incorrectly displayed the annotation property icon on the document. Fixed.
• Item links linking to Markdown sections didn't always select and scroll to the correct text range. Fixed.
• Moving the cursor up or down via the arrow keys in Markdown documents didn't automatically scroll to the correct position in Markdown documents. Fixed.
• When Preferences > Editing > Scale image attachments is enabled, scaling large images in formatted notes could sometimes not preserve the image's aspect ratio. Fixed.
• After viewing formatted notes or EPUB documents, other web views, like rendered Markdown documents, could be incorrectly displayed. Fixed.
• Conversion of web archives to rich text or Markdown could fail on macOS Ventura. Fixed.
• Textbundle conversion to formatted notes or rich text, or merging them to rich text didn't always use the embedded images. Fixed.
• Moving an item to a different database while it's open with unsaved changes in a document window didn't retain the changes. Fixed.
• Dragging images from Safari to DEVONthink didn't correctly apply the image's URL on macOS Ventura. Fixed.
• Highlighted results in the Search inspector didn't work when certain characters were used in an advanced toolbar search. Fixed.
• Adding text documents via the contextual menu to the Reading List sidebar could fail. Fixed.
• The output of Tools > Summarize Highlights > as Markdown was incorrectly localized in German. Fixed.
• Clipping web pages as single-page PDF documents could add a second PDF page in rare cases. Fixed.
• Updating indexed items that were renamed or moved in the Finder could fail if the items weren't located in indexed groups in DEVONthink. Fixed.
• Smart groups and smart rules using outdated or obsolete custom metadata conditions could cause unexpected behavior. Fixed.
• It was possible to install the same smart rule from the Support Assistant more than once. Fixed.
• The `summarize highlights` and `summarize mentions` AppleScript commands could incorrectly trigger smart rules. Fixed.
• After externally editing the columns of a sheet, the cached `columns` AppleScript property wasn't updated after using File > Update (Indexed) Items. Fixed.
• URL schemes, e.g., `createMarkdown`, with query parameters containing semicolons failed. Fixed.
• Retrieving dates from certain documents could sometimes crash the application. Fixed.
• Importing contacts as links on macOS Ventura could crash the application. Fixed.
• Accessing the Sorter after closing all windows, including the Sorter's hidden window, could crash the application. Fixed.
• Importing or saving RTFD files could crash the application. Fixed.
• On rare occasion, Quick Look could crash the application on macOS Ventura. Fixed.
Fixed (Pro)
• The View > Import sidebar could freeze if the email client is closed while this sidebar is open. Fixed.
• When viewing an email message using the View > Document Display > Text Alternative view or converted to RTFD, the email contact card wasn't always ignored. Fixed.
• If launching Apple Mail took too long, usually due to many large mailboxes, communication with DEVONthink's Apple Mail plugin could fail. Fixed.
• Email messages with an Asian character set specifying a wrong encoding could fail to index properly. Fixed.
• The content hashes of email messages, used for file integrity checks, were not updated after editing the messages externally, when the edits didn't change the file size. Fixed.
• Email importing and archiving could log too many messages when importing Preference > Files > Emails > Previously imported will become replicants was enabled. Fixed.
• The Overview button in the View > Import > Image Capture sidebar wasn't always displayed. Fixed.
• Date fields in the Info > Custom inspector could overlap if the inspector was too narrow. Fixed.
• After running OCR on tagged images, replicants were sometimes automatically created. Fixed.
Fixed (Sync)
• Trying to download a pending item into a database without any non-pending item incorrectly reported there's not enough disk space for the import. Fixed.
• Preparing the data for synchronizing a database could sometimes crash the application. Fixed.
• Removed obsolete Java option from Preferences > Web.


Focus on your work and let DEVONthink remember all the details. Collect, organize, edit and annotate documents of any kind. Have them automatically analyzed, connected, and filed. Sync them between your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

DEVONthink 3.0

For DEVONthink 3 we have revisited every aspect of the app, from the user interface as a whole to the many details that make it a strong companion for every information worker.

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We have redesigned the user interface and added dark mode support, extended DEVONthink's already powerful search language, and added a new menu extra for capturing notes and more from anywhere on your Mac.

Other pro-grade features include custom metadata, imprinting for images and PDF, a better OCR engine, and a completely rewritten web interface. New automation options like smart rules and flexible reminders let even non-programmers easily delegate repeating tasks to DEVONthink.

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What's new in DEVONthink 3
Upgrader's Guide

DEVONthink keeps all your documents in easy-to-backup databases and presents them to you in a variety of ways. Many documents can be viewed and edited without opening them in another application. Read web pages as if they were local documents.

DEVONthink Pro scans paper documents and makes them searchable, imports email, and even downloads complete web sites.

Add data of any kind, regardless of where it came from.
Don't fight the information flood alone. Let DEVONthink for Mac categorize documents based on how you filed similar documents before. Add smart rules to file documents, rename them, or process them in other ways automatically.

Later retrieve the data you need using DEVONthink's fast and flexible search. Find similar documents with keywords extracted from the document and the unique See Also function, or filter your database by dates, marks, tags, or geolocation.

Smart groups present related data based on saved searches, and reminders make sure you'll not forget to work on your evil genius master plan. Add interesting materials to the reading list.

Organize your data with the many tools that DEVONthink provides.
Collect, analyze, summarize, write: View all your data in one place, use tags to quickly organize documents, and write in editors optimized for plain text, rich text, and Markdown. Smart templates are a great starting point for new documents.

Insert manual or automatic cross-references, add annotations to any documents, and enrich your data with custom metadata. Imprint PDFs and images with customizable stamps and add Bates Numbers to them. Two full screen modes help you stay focused.

Store your documents in self-contained databases or just add references to external files. Encrypt databases for maximum privacy. Clip data from other apps with a keystroke or write notes and add them to the inbox to file them later. With its many extensions DEVONthink easily integrates into your workflow.

DEVONthink is open. Use, and reuse, your documents anywhere.
Add links to your documents to all apps that take web addresses, e.g. OmniFocus or Apple Mail, or export your documents in their original file formats. Give your co-workers access with the built-in web interface (Server edition only). DEVONthink never holds your data hostage.

Sync your data between all your devices, fast and securely.
Use your databases on all your Macs, iPads, and iPhones by synchronizing them between your devices. You decide what data is synced, when, and where. Strong encryption makes sure that your data belongs to you, not to your service provider or us.

DEVONthink To Go keeps your data at your fingertips. Literally.
Have your important documents with you all the time with DEVONthink To Go. Designed as a standalone app it allows you to not only view but also work with your data while you're away from your Mac. Organize your documents, add notes, annotate PDFs, or clip data from the web. Use the fast search and predefined smart groups to quickly find what you need.

Don't do the same thing over and over again. Automate your tasks with DEVONthink.
DEVONthink grows with your needs. Add web feeds to your database to automatically import new articles, or download and archive complete web sites. The concordance with its word cloud gives you a real-time analysis of your data.

Flexible smart rules and reminders let you automate recurring tasks without being a programmer. Integrate DEVONthink with other software using AppleScript and script-driven smart templates. The possibilities are endless.