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DEVONthink 3.9.3

Documents organizer and editor that automatically analyzes, connectes, and files them

Category: Productivity
Price: High
Popularity: High
Version String: 3.9.3
Release Date: 2023-09-26
Architecture: Intel & AppleSilicon(ARM)
Minimum OS: macOS 10.14
Vendor Name: Devon Technologies
Homepage: www.devontechnologies.com

Version History 3.9.3

This release brings a new command that allows you to copy selected text including an item link to the source document. You can now view and edit custom metadata on multiple selected documents, use Markdown code syntax highlighting with three more languages, and, on Apple silicon Macs, preserve the original page image when doing OCR, retaining the original resolution and quality. A few new scripts let you handle rich text content or change the case of item names.
Amongst the other improvements, we have again made modifications to prevent PDFKit from potentially corrupting text layers in PDFs. This also enhances performance when working on larger documents. And, of course, we have made many more changes for better performance and reliability as well as for compatibility with macOS Sonoma.
• Added Edit > Copy With Source Link to copy selected text with an item link to the current document. This text can be inserted into other applications as well. Currently supported file types: plain and rich text, Markdown, PDF, and web-based documents.
• Added Prism support for AWK, C#, and Rust.
• Added In Two Weeks to the reminder options in the Annotations & Reminders inspector as well as the Date popups in the Info > Custom inspector and form view of sheets.
• Added Skip identically named articles to Preferences > RSS to avoid duplicate articles being added
• Added Change Case to Scripts > Rename. This changes a document's title to title case.
• Added Remove Links and Remove Attachments scripts to Scripts > Format. These scripts are used to easily remove links or attachments from the current rich text file, e.g., from clipping web content as rich text.
• Minimized the potential for text layer corruption in PDFs. These changes also improve performance when making changes to the document and have an appreciable effect on the speed of clipping or converting documents to PDF. Lastly, saving large documents is more performant, especially when syncing.
• Linked text is better detected in PDF documents, improving the results shown in the Document > Links inspector.
• When no links are detected in the current document, the lower pane in the Document > Links inspector now shows No incoming links if automatic WikiLinking is enabled.
• When converting WikiLinks to item links via the Tools > Item Links > Convert WikiLinks to Item Links command, the name of the link is preserved, e.g., when using aliases. To use the document's name instead, choose the Update Item Links command afterwards.
• The color of links in dark mode has been changed for better legibility, especially when taking Markdown notes in the Sorter.
• When using Markdown section headers with IDs or square bracket WikiLinks, they are better detected and displayed in the Table of Contents inspector.
• The context menu of Markdown documents has more of the same commands found in the menu for rich text documents.
• When viewing RTFD documents, attachments are more reliably detected and shown in the Document > Attachments inspector.
• Converting web-based files, e.g., web archives, to formatted notes is faster and more reliable.
• Thumbnails for HTML pages are better generated, e.g., after clipping or editing.
• Improved support for Chinese HTML files with non-standard encodings.
• Hidden page elements and line feeds in web content are no longer shown in the Document > Links or Document > Annotations inspectors.
• When navigating back to search results, the last selected item is selected again.
• When merging groups or tags with aliases, the aliases are better preserved and don't produce duplicates.
• Drag-and-drop of multiple items from some applications, e.g., pictures from Apple Photos, is better supported.
• Moving files between databases now blocks optimizing or repairing both databases until the transaction is finished for both.
• Files added with a `file://` URL, e.g., dropped into Markdown documents, are better named.
• Improved smart group templates, including better localizations.
• The `%pageNumber%` placeholder no longer inserts spaces before or after the number.
• Revised and unified the appearance of the authentication panel used by the Download Manager, Database Properties, browsing, and AppleScript.
• Some cosmetic improvements for macOS Sonoma.
• File > Export > Database Archive now verifies and compresses a database in the background after a pause to optimize it and generate a snapshot. Its activity is now shown in the Activity pane or window.
• The Scripts > Export > Daily Backup Archive script now uses a correct filename when handling encrypted databases.
• Creating rich text documents via the `create record with` AppleScript command is more reliable.
• DEVONthink is now more responsive when using the `verify database` AppleScript command, e.g., in the Scripts > Data > Verify & Optimize Databases and Scripts > Daily Backup Archive scripts.
• The `compress database` AppleScript command more quickly returns control of DEVONthink back to you when compressing databases located on local APFS volumes or local volumes support hardlinks. This also improves the performance of the Scripts > Export > Daily Backup Archive script.
• The AppleScript command `synchronize record` can again be used in smart rules and triggered scripts.
• Handling undo/redo operations is now more reliable.
• To avoid slowing application startup, RSS feeds aren't refreshed until the DEVONthink has fully launched.
• Indexing more efficiently handles files in use by the filesystem, e.g., being copied, and waits until the operations have finished.
• Handling document aliases is now faster and uses less memory.
Improved (Pro)
• If the Resolution in the OCR preferences is set to As source and Compression is disabled, OCR preserves each original page image in the resulting PDF. Note that it is currently only available on Apple silicon Macs.
• When doing OCR on a PDF with an existing table of contents, it is now preserved.
• When you select multiple items, the Info > Custom inspector now shows values identical on all the items. Non-identical values are shown as empty fields or Multiple values. Edits will be applied to all items in the selection.
• Pressing the Preferences > General > General > Alerts: Reset button didn't reset the warning regarding applying OCR to already OCRed documents.
• Input to the `add custom meta data` AppleScript command is now better converted to the appropriate data type.
Improved (Server)
• Tags added by using an alias now update when a record is reselected in the web interface.
Improved (Sync)
• The Case Insensitive Tagging database property is now synced between Macs.
• Improved error logging when verifying a sync store on a device when there are unopened or unavailable databases.
• Improved error handling and imports from sync locations.
• When viewing PDFs with View > PDF Display > Continuous Scroll disabled, you could still incorrectly scroll pages by dragging. Fixed.
• Viewing formatted notes or EPUB documents caused the wrong stylesheet in Preferences > Web to be set. Fixed.
• The inspectors of a main window weren't always updated after the selection changed, e.g, when revealing a document from the See Also & Classify inspector. Fixed.
• Double-clicking the Groups header in the See Also & Classify inspector would incorrectly trigger classifying the current item. Fixed.
• Converting some types of files to another, e.g., bookmarks to formatted notes, didn't preserve the properties of the original so metadata like labels or aliases were lost. Fixed.
• Dragging something to the end of the item list would cause it to disappear. Fixed.
• When using Column view in the item list, actions like moving, trashing, duplicating, etc. couldn't be undone or redone. Fixed.
• The tooltips in the toolbar search as well as the See Also & Classify inspector were truncated. Fixed.
• Selecting a search result could cause an issue when the hidden preference to not enable search operators in the Search inspector was active. Fixed.
• Tools > Batch Process didn't remember the previously used actions when Execute Script was one of them. Fixed.
• The commands File > Restore Backup, File > Export > Database Archive, and the `compress database` AppleScript command didn't correctly handle optional internal metadata stores. Fixed.
• Adding images to the Sorter's Take Note view didn't work in Markdown. Fixed.
• Setting a color in the Editing preferences, then viewing a window with editable text would cause the color change to be lost. Fixed.
• With some IMAP sub-mailboxes in Apple Mail, dragging and dropping messages would fail if the source mailbox had umlauts in its name. Fixed.
• When merging groups or tags, aliases were separated with a comma instead of using the separator specified in the Aliases Separators of the WikiLinks preferences.
• The notification about invalid server certificates wouldn't accept user input. Fixed.
• Some documents could be locked or inaccessible, e.g., with missing files. Fixed.
• Parsing dates or amounts with the Scan Name action could fail if filename extensions were displayed. Fixed.
• The AppleScript commands for getting or setting custom metadata didn't log an error when used in the Standard edition. Fixed.
• When clearing the geolocation via AppleScript, only the latitude and longitude were cleared. Information about the city, country, etc. remained. Fixed.
• Scripting with rich text content could cause a rare exception. Fixed.
Fixed (Pro)
• When resizing the View > Import window, the controls didn't move with the window. Fixed.
• It was possible but unsupported to select multiple mailboxes in the View > Import > Emails sidebar. Fixed.
• When merging binders in View > Import > Image Capture, the Save button for the merged binder wasn't disabled in the scanning controls. Fixed.
• If no network connection is active, selected bookmarks or HTML pages were incorrectly added to the Download Manager. Fixed.
Fixed (Server)
• Importing documents from the web interface didn't always work in Safari. Fixed.
• Emptying the trash in the web interface caused an error. Fixed.
Fixed (Sync)
• When editing and syncing from multiple devices, documents could sometimes be incorrectly duplicated. Fixed.
• On rare occasion, Bonjour syncing could cause a memory-related crash. Fixed.
• The shortcut ⇧⌘C, used for the Format > Show Colors command, is now used for Edit > Copy with Source Link.


Focus on your work and let DEVONthink remember all the details. Collect, organize, edit and annotate documents of any kind. Have them automatically analyzed, connected, and filed. Sync them between your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

DEVONthink 3.0

For DEVONthink 3 we have revisited every aspect of the app, from the user interface as a whole to the many details that make it a strong companion for every information worker.

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We have redesigned the user interface and added dark mode support, extended DEVONthink's already powerful search language, and added a new menu extra for capturing notes and more from anywhere on your Mac.

Other pro-grade features include custom metadata, imprinting for images and PDF, a better OCR engine, and a completely rewritten web interface. New automation options like smart rules and flexible reminders let even non-programmers easily delegate repeating tasks to DEVONthink.

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What's new in DEVONthink 3
Upgrader's Guide

DEVONthink keeps all your documents in easy-to-backup databases and presents them to you in a variety of ways. Many documents can be viewed and edited without opening them in another application. Read web pages as if they were local documents.

DEVONthink Pro scans paper documents and makes them searchable, imports email, and even downloads complete web sites.

Add data of any kind, regardless of where it came from.
Don't fight the information flood alone. Let DEVONthink for Mac categorize documents based on how you filed similar documents before. Add smart rules to file documents, rename them, or process them in other ways automatically.

Later retrieve the data you need using DEVONthink's fast and flexible search. Find similar documents with keywords extracted from the document and the unique See Also function, or filter your database by dates, marks, tags, or geolocation.

Smart groups present related data based on saved searches, and reminders make sure you'll not forget to work on your evil genius master plan. Add interesting materials to the reading list.

Organize your data with the many tools that DEVONthink provides.
Collect, analyze, summarize, write: View all your data in one place, use tags to quickly organize documents, and write in editors optimized for plain text, rich text, and Markdown. Smart templates are a great starting point for new documents.

Insert manual or automatic cross-references, add annotations to any documents, and enrich your data with custom metadata. Imprint PDFs and images with customisable stamps and add Bates Numbers to them. Two full screen modes help you stay focused.

Store your documents in self-contained databases or just add references to external files. Encrypt databases for maximum privacy. Clip data from other apps with a keystroke or write notes and add them to the inbox to file them later. With its many extensions DEVONthink easily integrates into your workflow.

DEVONthink is open. Use, and reuse, your documents anywhere.
Add links to your documents to all apps that take web addresses, e.g. OmniFocus or Apple Mail, or export your documents in their original file formats. Give your co-workers access with the built-in web interface (Server edition only). DEVONthink never holds your data hostage.

Sync your data between all your devices, fast and securely.
Use your databases on all your Macs, iPads, and iPhones by synchronizing them between your devices. You decide what data is synced, when, and where. Strong encryption makes sure that your data belongs to you, not to your service provider or us.

DEVONthink To Go keeps your data at your fingertips. Literally.
Have your important documents with you all the time with DEVONthink To Go. Designed as a standalone app it allows you to not only view but also work with your data while you're away from your Mac. Organize your documents, add notes, annotate PDFs, or clip data from the web. Use the fast search and predefined smart groups to quickly find what you need.

Don't do the same thing over and over again. Automate your tasks with DEVONthink.
DEVONthink grows with your needs. Add web feeds to your database to automatically import new articles, or download and archive complete web sites. The concordance with its word cloud gives you a real-time analysis of your data.

Flexible smart rules and reminders let you automate recurring tasks without being a programmer. Integrate DEVONthink with other software using AppleScript and script-driven smart templates. The possibilities are endless.