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ZapReader 19.0.1

Learn speed reading and include guided training and reading tracker

Category: Education
Price: High
Popularity: Low
Version String: 19.0.1
Release Date: 2019-12-02
Architecture: Intel
Minimum OS: macOS 10.6
Vendor Name: eReflect Software
Homepage: www.zapreader.com

Version History 19.0.1



"Read 3x faster, save time, and be more productive in life."

Read faster & comprehend more by harnessing the techniques of the world's most respected speed-reading trainers and record-holders.

• Speed read everything

• Cloud library

• Beautiful and powerful

• Guaranteed results

Don’t let your reading speed hold you back

If you’re like most people, you have a lot of books you want to read, training you need to complete, and news you need to “stay on top of”. In today’s society, we’re confronted with information overload. There are so many things we wish we could read and remember. At Zap Reader, we’ve worked with the world’s leading experts to make reading faster, easier, and more enjoyable. With Zap Reader you can take control of information overload, save time, and be more productive in life.

Save Time
Power through your reading so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Be Productive
Get more done so you can be more successful in your job, your study, and your life.

Be Enlightened
Learn fast, be up-to-date. Be educated and interesting with much less effort.

We Take You By The Hand And Guide You To Faster Reading.

Having the right technology to improve your reading speed is powerful. But that’s only the beginning of what Zap Reader will do for you. Rather than simply giving you the software activities and leaving you on your own (as older programs do), world-leading experts guide you at every step of the way. It’s like having the world’s best speed reading instructors and technology right in the room with you.

Remove Your Bad Reading Habits. Automatically.

Your reading isn’t anywhere near as fast as it could be for one simple reason – bad habits. You likely learned these bad habits at a very young age and they’ve been with you ever since. Zap Reader uses scientifically designed exercises to remove these bad habits automatically. And it’s the only program to address all your bad habits. In a few clicks, you can remove your bad habits and learn to read at double or even triple your current speed

Get Coached by The Planet’s Leading Speed Reading Experts

Zap Reader’s step-by-step training courses are created by our world-leading team of speed reading experts. With Zap Reader, you can learn speed reading directly from the same experts who write best-selling books and train fortune 100 companies on speed reading. Zap Reader contains over 6 hours of exclusive training. We teach you all the hacks you need to become a speed-reading and super-learning machine.

The Only Program to Address All Your Bad Reading Habits

• Subvocalization Elimination - This means not “saying the words in your head” as you read them.
• Regression Elimination - This means not unnecessarily going back over what you read.
• Fixation Expansion - This means learning to recognize large chunks of words together.
• Eye Muscle Fitness - Zap Reader trains your eyes like a gym trains your muscles.
• Full-Brain Utilization - Use more of your brain to take in and process information quickly and efficiently.
• Information Processing - Speed up the rate at which your brain can process new information.
• Memory - Remember and easily recall everything you read.
• Comprehension - Maintain or increase comprehension, even at 3-10 times your original reading speed.

Your super-productive "Speed E-Reader"

We spent thousands of hours fine-tuning Zap Reader so you can easily read at 3 or more times your normal speed. Power through all your reading material in a fraction of the time, become smarter, and save valuable time.

All your reading in your Zap Reader cloud library

Instantly add anything to your Zap Reader cloud library, speed read anywhere, and save massive time. Zap Reader remembers your position in every book, web page, and document you’re reading so come back to it anytime. It’s super easy to import any web page, pdf, word, text file, ebook, and more.

Speed read 46 different file & e-book formats

Zap Reader’s advanced technology can effortlessly and accurately import 46 different file and e-book formats. Now you can speed read almost anything.

Guided training to remove your bad reading habits

Zap Reader doesn’t just help you to read any book faster inside the software. Zap Reader also includes guided training to eliminate your bad reading habits such as subvocalization, single word fixation, and unnecessarily losing your place. After you use Zap Reader for a while, you’ll notice yourself reading everything faster with better comprehension.

Track your reading, see your improvement, and feel rewarded.

Zap Reader is the only reading system to track your reading so you can see your improvement. You get detailed reports on the time you spend, your reading speed, and how things change over time. You can see your progress and feel motivated and rewarded.