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iZotope Iris 2.0.2

Sample-based synthesizer

Category: Music
Price: High
Popularity: Medium
Version String: 2.0.2b0
Release Date: 2017-10-05
Architecture: Intel & i386
Minimum OS: macOS 10.5
Vendor Name: iZotope, Inc.
Homepage: www.izotope.com

Version History 2.0.2b0

You can find release notes for this version here: [www.izotope.com]


Iris 2 is iZotope’s inspiring sample-based synthesizer with the power of a sampler, the flexibility of a traditional synth, and the fun of spectral

A virtual audio canvas
Iris 2 generates sound by playing back up to four audio files at once, allowing you to mix instrument samples, found sounds, and synthesizer waves.

Spectral filtering
Load up to four individual voices and "paint" filters using Iris 2's unique Spectral Filtering system.

Artistic modulation
Bring movement and expression to your sound with tremolo effects, vibratos, and filter sweeps.

Sample-based synthesis
Comprehensive, intuitive sound design control
Iris 2 creates unique synth textures using samples and/or oscillator-generated sounds—up to four of either. With global effects modules and individual filtering and envelope controls for each voice, Iris 2 gives you the tonal creativity to make music that is truly your own.


Iris 2’s Spectrogram not only displays the spectral makeup of your sample but also offers an array of sophisticated editing tools for easily manipulating your sample within the Spectrogram itself.

Five LFOs and Envelopes can be mapped to virtually any parameter within Iris 2, giving you the ability to shape the attack, duration, and tail of your synth sounds—plus much more!

Polish your sound with voice-specific or global creative effects. Use Send FX to process each sample individually, or apply Master FX to affect the entire patch for added character.

Meet the Iris 2 effects

Harmonic excitement or total destruction
Iris’s built-in distortion module brings subtle or dramatic transformation to your synth patch.

Shimmering modulation and width
Add fluttering depth to your sound with intuitive chorus controls.

Independent stereo echo
Syncable with host tempo, the delay module adds stereo fullness or independent channel delay.

Add space in a snap
The simple but effective reverb module can add discrete realism or sprawling space to your patch.

Expansion Libraries
Seven free sample and patch banks for creative sound design

• Abstract: Evocative, experimental tones and textures

• Environments: Sounds generated by common surroundings and devices

• Instruments: Comprehensive collection of classical, contemporary, and world instruments

• Objects: Samples captured from everyday items, perfect for foley and sound effects

• Synthesizers: Versatile patches modeled after timeless hardware synths

• Toys: Whimsical, library of curious toy and game sounds

• Voice: Vocally-generated samples for choral pads and ambience