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Script Debugger 8.0.7

Integrated development environment focused entirely on AppleScript

Category: Developer Tools
Price: High
Popularity: Medium
Version String: 8.0.7 (8A77)
Release Date: 2024-04-17
Architecture: Intel & AppleSilicon(ARM)
Minimum OS: macOS 10.14
Vendor Name: Late Night Software Ltd.
Homepage: latenightsw.com

Version History 8.0.7 (8A77)

Changes in Script Debugger 8.0.7
• 1849 Resolved a problem where block keywords appearing within longer words are not properly parsed.
• 1848 Added missing dark-mode imagery for the Reveal In Finder button found in the file specification value viewer.
• 1846 Resolved a problem where Script Debugger does not recognize script documents and applets stored on OneDrive and other file services that do not properly provide legacy HFS filetype and creator codes.
• 1845 Resolved a series of issues with the Help menu: - The Open Help In Browser menu item once again works. - The Script Debugger Release Notes menu item takes you to the correct web page for Script Debugger 8.
• 1843 Resolved a problem launching Script Debugger on Monterey and Big Sur systems.
• 1842 Addressed a problem where Script Debugger incorrectly detects changes to a local variable when debugging is enabled.
• 1840 Fixed issue where Notarize button may fail to appear when exporting if both SD Notary and SD Notary 2 are present.
• 1841 Addressed a hang that may occur when inserting a newline into a block comment.
Changes in Script Debugger 8.0.6
• 1830 Use SD Notary 2 if it is available.
• 1833 Resolved a hang that can occur when balancing or hovering over source code containing very rare instances of unbalanced parentheses characters within a block comment and unbalanced parentheses characters in a line comment.
• 1827 Fixed issue where printing sometimes failed.
• 1832 Reinstated the deprecated OSAAppleScriptObjCEnabled Info.plist entry for script bundles that use AppleScriptObjC. This is no longer required, but there are suggestions its presence helps eliminate some unexpected crashes in deployed scripts. The boolean expert preference key PrefIncludeOSAAppleScriptObjCEnabled can be used to turn inclusion on or off.
• 1831 Fixed issue where run-only exports can fail when bundling used execute-only script libraries.
• 1828 Corrected a long standing regression that prevented Script Debugger from respecting the Set Default Script Size & State command.
• 1825 Resolved a terminology conflict between the application class’ search string property and the dictionary window class’ search string property. Any scripts using the dictionary window class’ search string property must be changed to accommodate this change.
• 1823 Corrected a display problem when viewing dictionary inspector search results.
• 1822 Resolved a crash that can occur when the Printing theme is misconfigured.
• 1820 Fixed issue where text encoding of .applescript files saved by Script Editor was not always properly detected.
• 1817 Fixed bugs where exporting run-only from .scpt files. Used script libraries and user frameworks are correctly embedded when requested, and the source export preference is honored.
• 1816 Resolved a problem where typed characters are inserted incorrectly while the Synchronize split-view selection Editor preference setting is enabled cause.
Changes in Script Debugger 8.0.5
• 1806 Addressed a problem where the Enhanced Applet sheet did not always display the script’s description properly in the startup screen.
• 1744 Resolved a problem where typed text is incorrectly inserted when there are split views and the Synchronize split-view selection Editor setting is enabled.
• 1814 Fixed a bug where the optional copy of a file’s source saved during export was wrongly encoded.
• 1793 Enhanced applets no longer display a startup screen of the show startup option is off and there is no on open handler.
• 1797 On-screen code formatting is not always appropriate for printing, especially in Dark Mode. Now you can define separate print-specific themes. You can do this by defining new themes with ” Printing” appended to their names, or defining a universal printing theme called “Printing”. Full details are in the Script Debugger Help entry for Themes.
• 1784 The Unfold command works correctly when unfolding a single selected line containing a fold.
• 1802 Code Folding is no longer applied when opening documents when Script Debugger is operating in LITE mode.
• 1799 Corrected a problem where a make new document command which specifies a source text property value does not returns a reference to the newly created document.
• 1796 Improved the display of application errors in explorers to include error descriptions where possible in the absence of an error message provided by the application it’s self. Added the errAEEventNotPermitted error to the list of known error codes.
• 1792 Eliminated thousands separator in error number appearing in the Script Error panel.
Changes in Script Debugger 8.0.4
• 1790 Fixed scripting issue when saving run-only scripts.
• 1789 Fixed issue where clippings sometimes introduced unnecessary blank lines.
• 1785 Fixed an issue with .scptd files saved with the version-control-friendly setting on.
• 1788 Fixed issues when using application-related directives in clippings.
• 1787 Improved Event Log result legibility, especially in Dark Mode.
• 1786 The stepper for the Build Number field was erroneously decrementing below build number 1. Minimum is now 1.
• 1776 Added an event text result property to the event log entry class,. This property returns the entry’s result as a string, as it appears in Script Debugger’s Event Log.
• 1781 Fixed issue where AppleScript format colors could not be changed by entering numerical values.
• 1777 Fixed regression where script library dictionaries were not appearing in the dictionary list under newer versions of macOS.
Changes in Script Debugger 8.0.3
• 1769 Help now functions on Apple silicon Macs. Also includes several Help corrections.
• 1767 Fixed startup-screen issues in exported Enhanced Applets.
• 1690 Corrected a problem with Enhanced Applets where text wrapping in script descriptions was not handled properly.
• 1768 addressed a crash that may happen when Enhanced Applets provide an on quit handler which uses the continue quit statement to re-dispatch the quit event.
• 1766 Corrected a bug in Enhanced Applets where the presence of an on quit handler caused the applet to ignore the user’s first attempt to quit the applet.
• 1765 Corrected a regression where template placeholders were not drawn correctly on macOS Monterey systems.
• 1763 Further improvements to Enhanced Applets and how the on run and on open handlers are called.
• 1433 Resolved the issue reported in this forum post where Enhanced Applets fail to quit when they should.
• 1762 Corrected a problem where Enhanced Applets incorrectly involved the on run handler following file drops and would not properly return to active droplet state if the Stay Open application option is enabled.
• 1690 Fixed display issues in enhanced applet startup screen,.
Changes in Script Debugger 8.0.2
• 1745 Resolved a crash that may happen when displaying the New Document template chooser.
• 1691 The Record feature has been removed due to AppleScript’s inability to record in macOS Big Sur. Should Apple restore this capability in future versions of macOS, we will restore this feature.
• 1742 Resolved a text wrapping issue in the Open Quickly panel when the width panel is expanded beyond 1000 points.
• 1731 Fixed issue where record labels would sometimes be mistaken for handler parameters and incorrectly piped.
• 1738 Fixes scripting issue where the application’s ‘script replace string’ property was no updated in a timely fashion.
• 1712 Fixed crashing bug that could occur when exporting bundles embedding multiple script libraries.
• 1714 Fixed bug where copyright string was not being saved.
Changes in Script Debugger 8.0.1
• 1682 The script window Trace Speed toolbar item has been restored.
• 1680 Fixed bug where the Enable automatic checks for Sparkle setting in the Build & Exports dialog was not being honored properly.
• 1677 Restored the ability to code sign using identities, similar to the functionality in Script Debugger 7. Signing is controlled through the File -> Build & Export Settings… dialog. Further details can be found in the Build & Export Settings entry in Script Debugger Help.
• 1673 Resolved a series of Dark Mode display issues in enhanced applets. NOTE: you must re-save/export your enhanced applet to receive these changes.
• 1658 Addressed a crash that could happen when reading the Adobe Unit Types scripting addition dictionary.
• 1670 When dragging a directory from the Finder into a script window, new path options control whether to include the trailing delimiter.
• 1650 Stability fix for threading issue.
• 1638 Resolved a crashing bug that may occur when quitting Script Debugger.
• 1662 The scripting make command has a new boolean parameter, using template. When true, a newly created document will be based on the user’s default template, if any. The document class also has a new property, show code folding.
• 1660 Fixed an issue where closing a document would not close its associated windows.



You want your computer systems to be simple, reliable and automatic. Script Debugger is the integrated development environment that makes that happen by making your AppleScript coding easier, faster, and more transparent. And now, for the first time, it is available in a free “lite” mode that offers you a taste of the full power of Script Debugger.

Before you begin scripting, discover the information and commands that your applications offer. Use the Explorer to experiment with applications, explore their data and manipulate it to see how the application responds. This power is not limited to a specific screen. When you create and debug your script, the Explorer remains available and continues to show data information as you work.

Maximize your productivity and write scripts easily and quickly with Script Debugger’s powerful and flexible code creation features. Insert tell blocks for applications and objects or properties. Script Debugger helps you by intelligently inserting a broad range of commonly-used code segments. These features are specifically designed for the peculiarities of the AppleScript language. They let you easily navigate large scripts, automatically enter “end” lines and closing delimiters, and more.

As you create, test your scripts to make sure they behave as expected. Script Debugger can run a script in an analytical mode that tracks your variables and their values, making it easy to isolate and fix specific problems when things go wrong. Watch your script as it runs, line by line, viewing the values of variables at every stage of the script’s execution. Use breakpoints to pause your code at key points. With Script Debugger, you never have to guess about what is happening as your script runs.

Easily package scripts for your clients and colleagues. Script Debugger checks for common errors when packaging scripts, and it makes distributing scripts to others amazingly simple. Should your script contain sensitive or private information, you can export it in “run only” form to prevent others from accessing the code. Script Debugger anticipates problems by telling you instantly what applications, scripting additions, libraries and frameworks are needed in order to run your script successfully.

First introduced by Apple in 1992, AppleScript is a venerable and proven scripting language for automating tasks on the Macintosh. It uses terminology that is similar to common English words, and it is relatively easy to learn in comparison to other scripting languages. But it is also an object-oriented language that is fully capable of handling complex programming tasks when necessary. AppleScript creates script files that can control your computer and its various applications. It can be used to automate repetitive and error-prone manual tasks, saving both time and money. For example, it can automatically retrieve files from remote servers or schedule and execute important updates. Its broad range of possible uses makes it a powerful tool for both individuals and businesses in search of optimized workflows.

Script Debugger is an integrated development environment focused entirely on AppleScript. This focus allows it to deliver a suite of tools that make AppleScript development amazingly productive. You can use it to write and edit code, analyze target applications, debug scripts, and more.