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Visual Studio

IDE to code, debug, test, and deploy software to any platform

Category: Developer Tools
Price: Free
Popularity: Medium
Version String:
Release Date: 2024-05-09
Architecture: Intel & AppleSilicon(ARM)
Minimum OS: macOS 11.0.0
Vendor Name: Microsoft Corporation
Homepage: www.visualstudio.com

Version History

You can find release notes for this version here: [learn.microsoft.com]


Visual Studio is a .NET integrated development environment on the Mac that can be used to edit, debug, and build code and then publish an app. In addition to expected features, such as a standard editor and debugger, Visual Studio includes compilers, code completion tools, graphical designers, and source control to ease the software development process.

With Visual Studio you can write in C#, F#, Razor, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Typescript, XAML, and XML.

Advanced IntelliSense
With the power of Roslyn, Visual Studio brings IntelliSense to your fingertips. IntelliSense describes APIs as you type and uses auto-completion to increase the speed and accuracy of how you write code.

Quick Info tool tips let you inspect API definitions. Squiggly lines in the editor highlight issues in real time as you type.

Powerful Debugging
Use the Visual Studio debugger to quickly find and fix bugs across languages.

The Visual Studio debugger lets you step inside your code by setting Breakpoints, Step Over statements, Step Into and Out of functions, and inspect the current state of the code stack through powerful visualizations.

Intelligent Refactoring
As your project grows, chances are, you’ll find yourself restructuring and refactoring code that you or someone else wrote earlier. That’s a whole lot easier when Visual Studio takes care of the heavy lifting for you.

The Visual Studio editor supports powerful built-in refactoring options such as Extract Method and Rename, accessible via the Quick Actions menu.

Integrated Source Control
Manage your code in Git or SVN repos hosted by any provider, including GitHub and Azure DevOps. Review diffs, stage files, and make commits from inside Visual Studio.

Comprehensive Testing
Enhance your code quality and create a solid code base with comprehensive testing tools. The integrated test runner supports major testing frameworks such as xUnit, NUnit, and MSTest, allowing you to efficiently run and debug unit tests and automated UI tests.

Collaborate more effectively
Choose the development environment that is right for you. With Visual Studio on both macOS and Windows, you can share your C# and F# projects seamlessly with your team using either OS.