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DHS 1.4.1

Scans for applications that are susceptible to dylib hijacking or have been hijacked

Category: Utilities
Price: Free
Popularity: Medium
Version String: 1.4.1
Release Date: 2019-04-23
Architecture: Intel
Minimum OS: macOS 10.8
Vendor Name: Objective-See, LLC
Homepage: objective-see.com

Version History 1.4.1

You can find release notes for this version here: [objective-see.com]


Dylib Hijack Scanner or DHS, is a simple utility that will scan your computer for applications that are either susceptible to dylib hijacking or have been hijacked.

DHS is designed to favor reporting false positives over supressing false negatives. While this will uncover a wider range of malicious hijackers, it may also result in legitimate dylibs being flagged. If something is flagged on your computer, is recommended you first consult the list of known false positives.