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Outbank 3.2.1

Personal finance manager

Category: Finance
Price: Free
Popularity: Medium
Version String: 3.2.1 (202206034858)
Release Date: 2022-06-03
Architecture: Intel & AppleSilicon(ARM)
Minimum OS: macOS 10.13
Vendor Name: Verivox GmbH
Homepage: [Mac App Store]

Version History 3.2.1 (202206034858)



Nobody can read them – not even we. Because your finances are yours.

Take your finances to a whole new level. With Outbank, you keep your financial situation in full view: all accounts, cards, loans, deposits, and contracts in one spot. And you discover where you can save money and turn your dreams into reality: through analyses, budgets, and contract management. Check account balances, transfer money, control costs, and switch to cheaper contracts – everything in one app.

Your finances are yours – only yours. Do you want others to know how much money you have in your accounts? Do you want others to evaluate, analyze, or resell your finances? We certainly don’t – neither for ourselves nor for you. That's why we have no insight into your data: Outbank stores all financial data on your smartphone, nowhere else. Without any central servers that analyze your data.
“Zero Knowledge” – or as we say: “My money. My data.”

Stay up to date on your financial situation:
* More than 4,000 banks in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Switzerland * Checkings, savings, credit card, shares, deposit of securities, instant access savings, and financial online services such as PayPal, Bitcoins, and N26
* Debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Amazon credit card
* Bonus cards such as Miles & More and Payback
* Offline accounts for cash spendings and housekeeping books
- Automatic account update
- Notifications for new transactions
- Overview of individual account balances as well as total balance of accounts
- Display of transactions, future bookings, and balances
- Grouping of accounts e.g. for private & business accounts, own & shared accounts, deposits & credit cards
- Export (PDF & CSV) and share transaction and account details as well as payment confirmations
- Create and send local backups
- Secure login via Touch ID & Apple Watch
- Secure data synchronization between iPhone, iPad, and Mac through end-to-end encryption

Send money quickly and safely:
- Transfer money via QR code and common TAN procedures
- Create, change, and delete scheduled transfers and standing orders
- Request money from friends and colleagues

Use saving potentials and get transparency about fixed costs:
- Summary of loans, insurance, electricity and phone contracts, music streaming subscriptions, etc.
- Automated contract detection and manual addition
- Reminder of notice periods
- Save money by switching contracts (by Verivox)
- Cancel contracts for free (by aboalarm)

Keep track of your expenses:
- Budgets for monthly spendings
- Notification if your budget is exceeded
- Overview of your financial situation: balance of monthly incomes, fixed costs, and budgets

Check out where your money is going:
- Reports on revenues and expenses
- Categorize transactions automatically or manually
- Analyse your individual tags

Outbank supports more than 4,000 banks in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland, including Sparkasse, Volksbank, ING Diba, Commerzbank, Comdirect, Deutsche Bank, Postbank, Unicredit, DKB, Raiffeisenbanken, Mercedes Benz Bank, Airplus, Bank of Scotland, BMW Bank, Fidor Bank, Ikano Bank, KfW, Santander, Targobank, Signal Iduna, VolkswagenBank and many more. The app also supports financial online services like PayPal and N26 as well as Amazon accounts and all standard credit cards such as Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Barclaycard, Airberlin, ADAC, IKEA and many more. Check out if your bank is included: https://outbankapp.com/en/supported-banks/.

Outbank is part of the Verivox GmbH, one of Germany’s leading and independent online comparison portals. The tariff experts at Verivox have already helped over eight million customers to safe more than EUR 2.1 billion.