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TextSniper 1.9.0

Capture and recognize text from presentations, screencasts, images, pictures, etc.

Category: Productivity
Price: Low
Popularity: Medium
Version String: 1.9.0 (520)
Release Date: 2022-10-26
Architecture: Intel & AppleSilicon(ARM)
Minimum OS: macOS 10.15
Vendor Name: Valerijs Boguckis
Homepage: textsniper.app

Version History 1.9.0 (520)

• Full macOS Ventura support.
• New recognition languages: Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian, Russian (macOS Ventura required)
• Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the need to click twice the TextSniper icon in the menu bar.
• Other minor fixes and performance improvements.


Capture any text from your Mac's screen

What is TextSniper?
TextSniper is a super useful app to quickly capture unselectable text. Use it to capture and recognize text from presentations, trainings, screencasts,images, pictures, webpages, video tutorials, photos, PDFs etc. Literally from anywhere on your mac's screen. TextSniper makes it super easy with a single keyboard shortcut convert text from screenshot into editable text. Incredibly fast and useful app.

Why people love TextSniper
• Unnoticed — until you need it - TextSniper is always at hand with customizable shortcut. The app does not clutter macOS dock and is easily accessible in the menu bar.
• Lightning fast - TextSniper instantly recognizes text within the selection area using advanced OCR technology.

How it works
Using TextSniper couldn't be simpler
1. Start - Press Cmd+Shift+2 to start or select a Capture Text from the menu bar.
2. Select region - The text inside the selection will be quickly recognized and copied to the clipboard.
3. Paste - Press Cmd+V to paste a text to the editor, messenger, or any other software.