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PostFinance SecureBrowser 5.4.6

Protects you against bank Trojans, phishing attacks, and data theft

Category: Finance
Price: Free
Popularity: Low
Version String: 5.4.6
Release Date: 2022-05-11
Architecture: Intel
Minimum OS: macOS 10.13.0
Vendor Name: CORONIC GmbH
Homepage: www.postfinance.ch

Version History 5.4.6



The PostFinance SecureBrowser effectively protects you against bank Trojans, phishing attacks, and data theft. It works like a normal browser but does not require installation, administrator rights, or access to your operating system. Only Internet sites authorized by PostFinance can be accessed.

What is the PostFinance SecureBrowser?

The PostFinance SecureBrowser is a hardened Internet browser designed to safeguard e-finance. It is very easy to install and use.
The PostFinance SecureBrowser only protects itself – by itself – and contains everything it needs to do so. No additional software (e.g. Java) needs to be installed. The PostFinance SecureBrowser is portable and can be stored and taken with you, e.g. on a USB stick.

Who is the PostFinance SecureBrowser for?

The PostFinance SecureBrowser can be used by all PostFinance customers. The PostFinance SecureBrowser runs on Windows 7 or higher and on Mac OS X version 10.10 or higher.

What makes the PostFinance SecureBrowser secure?

The PostFinance SecureBrowser has a range of integrated security mecha- nisms. Potential attacks on online banking are prevented by a number of countermeasures. These are so effective that the PostFinance SecureBrowser even allows online banking to be carried out securely on infected computers. If an attack cannot be prevented, the PostFinance SecureBrowser stops working and shows the user an error message (see section 4.4 Memory manipulation). If this happens, e-finance should under no circumstances be used on the affected computer before an extensive investigation has been carried out and the computer cleaned as appropriate. Please contact the PostFinance Contact Center if necessary.

Note: Anti-virus programs are a useful defence against malware. Please note, however, that malware tries to bypass any anti-virus programs that have been installed.
The PostFinance SecureBrowser does not work in the same way as anti-virus programs. Anti-virus programs try to protect the computer as a whole by recognizing large quantities of malware on the basis of their behaviour or other characteristics, and rendering them harmless. As a variety of programs with potential loopholes can be found on a computer, there is considerable potential for attacks from malware. All it takes is a small weakness, or an error in a program, for the computer to become infected.

The PostFinance SecureBrowser concentrates on protecting e-finance. It is familiar with the mechanisms used by malware to attack e-finance, and so blocks them. This means that the area to be protected is a lot smaller, and the protection provided by the PostFinance SecureBrowser is more difficult to bypass, making it much more effective.

What does the PostFinance SecureBrowser do to my computer?

The PostFinance SecureBrowser does not make any permanent changes to your computer or alter any system settings. The program does not require any administrative rights, does not install any background services or drivers, does not change the computer configuration in any way (e.g. Windows Registry) and takes up less than 300 MB of storage space on the hard disk drive.
The files used by the PostFinance SecureBrowser remain where the user puts them (e.g. the PostFinance SecureBrowser start program stays on the Win- dows Desktop) and in the user’s application directory (e.g. imported libraries, under Windows: AppData).