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HLTH 2.4.6

Corrects your sitting position when working in front of your computer

Category: Health & Fitness
Price: Free
Popularity: Low
Version String: 2.4.6 (32)
Release Date: 2021-03-04
Architecture: Intel & AppleSilicon(ARM)
Minimum OS: macOS 10.12
Vendor Name: Jordy van Kuijk
Homepage: gethlth.co

Version History 2.4.6 (32)

- Fixed a couple of bugs


Meet HLTH!

HLTH is a smart application, available exclusively for Mac, that is designed to let you adopt a healthy sitting position when you work in front of your computer. It sends you notifications when your sitting position gets worse.

Many of us often work from home, where we sometimes don't have the best workplace. Working in a bad way in front of your screen every day is not healthy. Medical research shows that poor sitting posture can lead to back, shoulder and neck complaints (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10633536). Unfortunately, it is often not an option to simply no longer sit in front of the computer.

HLTH helps you to adopt a healthy sitting position. The application does this by using the webcam in your computer.

When the app is first opened, you teach HLTH your correct sitting position. HLTH will then monitor your posture and send you notifications when you lean too far forward or backward.

HLTH uses an algorithm to calculate a score that indicates how good or bad you are seated. The application does this without putting too much strain on your computer's performance or battery.

To protect and respect the privacy of the user, HLTH does not store camera images. The application is not connected to a HLTH cloud environment or server. Read more about this in our privacy policy.

A lot of work and attention has been paid to the design. HLTH has a simple and minimalist look and works in the background from the menu bar. Different colors indicate the good or bad sitting position.


- Simple and minimalistic look
- Shows reports of your sitting posture for today and the past 7 days
- Choose whether you want to receive notifications
- Works offline
- No account required to use the app
- Quickly open the app via the menu bar
- Touch Bar support: pause or resume the app and see your current score
- Indicates sitting position in the menu bar (with colours)